Pure life water
from the mountains of Tibet

According to the tradition of the Tibetan monks, Buddha himself discovered it while he was meditating and then presented it to people as a gift from the Universe — Habitants of Lhasa city and Damshung

“Being unable to withstand the ridicule and aggressiveness in her home village, Lhotse left, heading far away to the mountains. There she has found a spring and after spending 11 days near it she became a stunningly beautiful girl.”

The water extraction takes place at one of the most distant and undisturbed places in the world.

Tibet population: 10,5 million peopleTibet – Wikipedia

“The plant, located close to the Damshung spring. Due to the natural conditions the water can be abstracted from the spring only during a limited period of time a year.”

ISO 9001 QS540106010039

“Sky Lake” has the same origin as the Damshung spring – out of the nearby mountain range Nyenchen-Tanglha.

Tashi-Dor Monastery is located on the lake shore.

Namtso lake, Tibet, 112 km from Lhasa city, 4718 meters above the sea level
Namtso – Wikipedia

Height of the Damshung spring is
5200 meters

The technical progress has allowed launching the modern production, aimed to make the power, health, and energy of these places available to our generation.

Road building took decades and is rightly considered to be the construction of the century.

The Qinghai–Tibet railway has been put into operation in 2006, after 10 years of constructionThe Qinghai–Tibet railway – Wikipedia

All legends and myths of these wonderful places are related to the water

Monasteries of different schools and orientations were built next to the springs, covered with legends. The Tibetans truly believe in the power of magical springs.

Energyfeeding Purification and renewal Activation of metabolism Immunity increation Improving the basic condition Restoration and rejuvenation
Chemistry ml / l
Na < 1.23
Sr < 0.80
Ca < 30.44
Ma < 2.31
Ph < 7.8 +- 0.1

Natural non-carbonated mineral drinking water TIBET meets the Hygienic requirements for the production and quality of drinking purified mineralized and natural mineral waters.

24 bottles / box
Volume of bottles
1000 ml / 500 ml / 330 ml
Delivery in
42 countries
Warranty period
24 months

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